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cubefield unblocked

Keys                         Moves

Arrow Keys                                         to move your character

Up Arrow twice                                 to make a double jump

Down Arrow key                              press and hold to slide

Direction+ up Arrow                       to jump from wall to wall

W - A - S - D keys                              can be used instead of arrow keys

Play VEX 1

Kids are getting bored from typical fighting games. Moreover, fighting games are a cause of children’s violent behaviors. So it’s good to keep them away from fighting games. It could be better to engage them in adventure games which develops their interests in different things. And we always try our best to bring interesting games for your little one.

Vex is an adventure game with multiple versions like Vex 1, Vex 2 and Vex 3. Vex 1 is the 1st version of this game series and we have the Vex 1 Unblocked for your online enjoyment.

Don’t worry! The game is so interesting and you are not going to bore. The Vex 1 game needs your best actions and moves and directs you toward the magical door which takes you to the next level. Yeah! The game directs you about new hurdles all over the way toward the magical door.

Gameplay: Vex 1 Unblocked

In this game, you run, jump and swim all around your way. Is it looks easy to play? No! The game has a great difficulty level which increases level by level. That’s why, don’t take it too easy. There will be many obstacles that hinder you to move forward such as spikes. Some blocks are too high to reach to its top with jumps, and some blocks fall down when you step on them. So, be careful!

You can hurt yourself by falling from a high place or swimming into deep water for a long time. At the end of each level, you are awarded by a medal – Gold or Silver.

If you complete a level in a short time, the gold medal will be yours. The game has a system of checkpoints and doesn’t forget about checkpoints. The benefit of the checkpoint is that you don’t need to start from the beginning of the level if you die.

Below we have mentioned the game controls for your easiness.