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VEX 2 Game Controls

All game is controlled through the keyboard.

For land

  1. Use the right and left arrow key to move the player forward and backward.
  2. Use up arrow key to make the jump, for high jump press it for a while and then release it.
  3. Use down arrow key or “S” to make a slide while running.

For Water

Some controls are a little different for playing in the water.
  1. Use the right and left arrow key to control the movement of the player’s
  2. Use up arrow key and down arrow key to make him swim.

Play VEX 2

In this busy schedule, everyone is hyper, aggressive and in depression. So, games play the vital role to get rid of all this nonsense. If you are also tired of this thing then I have a game that relaxes your mind and will never get you bored. It’s just amazing, exciting and interesting, Vex 2 is the game that you are searching for.

screenshot of vex 2 game

Vex 2 is the successive version of the Vex. It is full of action and adventure game. You have to control the man who is running out of the magical door. Several missions are defined in this game, you came across them one by one and pass out.

At every level, there is a magical door that you have to cross in order to succeed. These levels are also called acts in the game. The task is so simple in this, you have to make a thorough search in order to find the green magical door. There are many duplicates door but you have to find the green colored magical door. When you pass through the magical door then the next act automatically get unlocked.

There is an initial tutorial that gives you the advice to cross and play he acts. You can also say the tutorial as instruction that you will use to play the game. This makes the gameplay and game easy for a newbie. There are total 11 acts in the game, initial 9 levels are quite easy but later levels are boss levels and also difficult to pass out.

There are many fatal and hurdles in the way of the player. You are pranked multiple times. But never give up or get angry, always show your anger to defeat the enemies by crossing all levels. When I started playing this game then I stuck on many points, but I had made a silent decision to cross the level at any cost. According to my opinion, it is the best method to lessen all your anger. During the game, I was prickled by the sharps spines. I was killed most of the time by the sharps. And even crushed by the big block to small pieces. But all these activities made me attentive and alert all the time. So, be attentive and alert all the time because the attack can be done at any time. There are a number of tries and a record of achievement for your motivation.