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  1. Use WASD / arrow keys for controlling the movement of the player.
  2. Press M to mute the sound.
  3. Press R to reset the game.

Play VEX 4 Unblocked

Vex 4 is the advanced version of the Vex gaming series. It is developed by Amazing Adam. In this version, you are entering in the world that is filled with troubles, the odd shapes, and the high walls. You are allowed to use the keyboard to control the character. The more you explore, the more you succeed in the higher levels.

Is it your first time, Playing the vex 4? Then wait don’t start playing because you will lose some fun and adventure. First I recommend you to play its previous versions games, vex, vex 2, and vex 3. Start with the Vex and go to higher versions. I bet that you will eagerly complete the level and move to the next versions. Let me introduce the gameplay brief of all versions:

In vex game, you have to jump over the hurdles by using the W and D keys. These keys are helpful in long and short jumps. If you have great focus ability then you can reach the final level easily.

In Vex 4, you will go through the checkpoints and regain the energy. In this game, you have to take care of the slack otherwise you will fall down. You have to clear the 22 stages along with finding the hidden stars.

In Vex 3, run into the main levels and search the hidden treasure. When you found out all the hidden stuff then your level will be completed. You have to use WASD keys for the movement of the player around the avatar. Beware of the hidden pits, holes and the spikes walls otherwise you will be killed. As you cross the level the new level will be unlocked automatically plus a new area for the research. The amazing feature of it is that you can find and place you own act by pressing the S key. You have to complete this task within the given interval of time. The more you save your time the more you gain the bonus. Go, and find out the acts, complete them in the specified period and earn high scores.

In Vex 4, all the features and the gameplay is similar to the vex 4 but it has 10 super stages and 9 challenging enemies stages. You have to cross all with your skills and talent.


Vex, Vex 2, Vex 3, and Vex 4 are developed by Amazing Adam.


This new version supports HTML5. If you are playing it on web-browser than install or update the flash player. And if you are playing in on mobile then make sure that android version is updated.

How to play Vex 4?

  1. Jump over the spikes because they will kill you.
  2. Make long jumps over the walls otherwise, you will fall down.
  3. Pass through checkpoints to boost your energy.
  4. Increase your speed and make slip under the paths using down arrow key or S key.